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BMI is a standard health assessment of that tries to measure body fat / obesity. However, it is based simply on height and weight, so it is missing the critical information about body fat.


So because it can’t accurately measure body fat individuals with a lot of muscle will often fall into the overweight range. For example, BMI will classify most football players as overweight and maybe obese even though they may have very little body fat. This is because they have worked hard at developing a lot of muscle. Their bodies may be heavy but they are not actually fat. It’s an imperfect measurement method but can be useful. 


When you consider your own number for BMI, the healthy range for adults is typically from about 22 to 27.  If your BMI is above 30, your risks for metabolic problems increase dramatically.


BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate is an really important number to understand. Everyone should know their BMR. 

It represents your minimum calorie needs or in other words, the number of calories your body burns at rest, in order to perform its most basic functions (breathing, circulation, cell production, brain function)


In a laboratory, BMR would be measured with the person sitting quietly in a chair. BMR is similar to the energy required to work at a desk or watching TV.


Most important for your metabolic health, BMR provides an excellent target number of calories for weight loss. If you are above your ideal weight, eating at daily calorie level at or below your BMR will is a good guide to initiate weight loss, your body will burn more calories than you consume, causing you to lose excess weight. 


Your metabolic age is an estimate of your body’s metabolic health. But it should be looked at in conjunction with the other two numbers provided above.


If your BMI is in the healthy range (22 to 27) and your Metabolic Age is at or below your actual biological age, you are to be congratulated for your choices, it’s paying dividends, and your metabolism is functioning at a healthy level. Keep up the good work! 


Most people will find that their numbers fall above the ideal rang and improvements can be made.  These numbers are actually blessings to know now and understand early as they can serve as early warning indicators before you begin to experience more severe health challenges associated with chronic metabolic conditions . 


If you find that your BMI and Metabolic Age are above your ideal numbers, rest assured that you’re in good hands. Dr. Layman is one of the world-leading experts in metabolic health and has developed the Metabolic Lifestyle to help experience the kind of transformation you’ve been searching for. 

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