The Best Way To Increase Metabolism

Beginning Your Metabolic Transformation

Tapping into the Power of Your Muscle Metabolism

Believe it or not the best way to increase your metabolism is NOT achieved through your thyroid, by eating tons of spicy foods or taking mega-doses of caffeine, or even through prescription medication. But the very best way to increase, improve, optimize, and transform your metabolism is through your muscles … your muscle metabolism! 


Yes your Metabolic Transformation begins with your muscles. Why? Muscles make up nearly half of your body weight, provide your body with structure and posture, and allow for daily activities. But, just as important as physical movement, muscles are the foundation of body’s metabolic system and health.


Abnormal blood sugar leads to diabetes and abnormal blood lipids cause heart disease. These are metabolic changes that begin with poor muscle metabolism. However by following the principles of the Metabolic Lifestyle you’ll learn to energize your muscles and you will reboot and restore your metabolic health, renew your energy, burn away body fat and reshape your body.

Start by Defining Your Goal

Creating your Metabolic transformation requires you to first decide your objective. While many of the principles are the same for all goals, some of the fine-tuning of your diet and exercise plan will need to happen to reach the different outcomes successfully. Let’s begin with defining your goals and then we can develop a personalize program that will best fit your purpose and lifestyle.

Selecting Your Goal

As a first step, you need to select your goal and then we can align you with the correct strategy for your maximizing your muscle health.


Here are three general options to choose from. Which one best defines your personal goal? 

1) Optimizing Body Weight & Shape

2) Improving Overall Health & Wellness

3) Enhancing Muscle Strength & Tone

The Three Different Goals 

  1. Optimizing Body Weight & Shape. Nearly 75% of adults in the United States are overweight. If you’re more than 10 pounds away from your ideal weight, then you need to rebalance your portions of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Like most people, you’re more than likely getting too many carbs, which is overwhelming your metabolism.  Yes your calories count, and you need to be within your daily caloric target as well, but for your Metabolic Transformation you also need to correct your balance and portion of protein and carbohydrates or you’re going to be fighting a losing battle … and it will be an ever-expanding battle … of your waistline.
  1. Improving General Health. Aging is a slow process that may be barely noticeable from birthday to birthday. But the aging also reflects a progressive loss of muscle and strength along with a steady gain of body fat and thus a loss of metabolic health and function. Many adults maintain relatively constant body weight, but they still have unhealthy muscles, and their metabolism suffers. These muscle changes first appear as loss of energy and a feeling of fatigue during your normal daily activities and then progress into clinical problems with elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, or hormone imbalances. If you’re taking medications for any one of these problems, you have underlying metabolic dysfunction caused first by unhealthy muscles.
  1. Enhancing Muscle Strength & Tone.  A lot of people want to gain muscle strength. Some individuals are looking to for the additional strength simply to complete daily activities likely climbing stairs or carrying groceries, while others want to add muscle to change their physical appearance. Whatever your goal is, virtually everyone can benefit from improving the strength of their muscles, which requires a combination of resistance exercise and optimizing protein intake.

Beginning Your Metabolic Transformation

Muscle and metabolic health requires an optimal balance between diet and exercise. The big picture for success requires controlling calorie intake to maintain stable body weight, consuming optimal amounts of high-quality protein to energize and protect your muscles, and routine exercise to maintain muscle function and metabolism. The exact balance of these components is influenced by your age, current health status, and your personal lifestyle choices.


Many people cringe when they hear the word “exercise,” because they think it requires going to a gym, lifting heavy weights, and sweating.  But let’s understand that exercise simply means muscle movement in a broader definition. Walking, mowing your yard, climbing stairs, getting up out of a chair, use of exercise bands, and yoga are all forms of muscle activity that don’t require going to a gym. We will use the Metabolic Lifestyle to teach you how to select exercises that are appropriate for you to the Metabolic goal you’ve chosen. 


Finally, optimizing your diet means that we need to create the best balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your lifestyle. The ideal balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats has become a highly debated topic, but the fundamentals are actually pretty simple.  Control your total daily caloric intake and then optimize your protein and carbohydrate ratios. Remember, protein is the only essential part of your diet. We will teach you to build your diet first around your protein choices. And then around carbohydrates and fats because they relate more to your personal health and energy needs for your daily activities and goals.


Once you join us in the Metabolic Lifestyle, we’ll be here here to help craft and follow the ideal balance  of nutrition and exercise for you and your goal, whatever it might be.  

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